We meet with you at your home to discuss your project. This meeting typically lasts about 90 minutes and encompasses a $200 consultation fee. We will learn about the scope of the work, gather information, and discuss possible design ideas with you, displaying photos and drawings of past projects with similar characteristics. It’s very helpful if you can provide any existing plans, plat of survey, photos, or a wish list. A contract Drawing Agreement for design, drawings, and meetings will be presented, all based on the scope of work.

It's important to note that the amount of detail and time spent on the plans (and thus, the design fees) can be controlled by the homeowner. We can design a project if you already have a contractor or are interested in bidding the project out with multiple contractors (we recommend getting no more than three bids). We also can recommend trade professionals appropriate for your needs and serve as your representative for an architectural review board.

The Drawing Agreement

Our fees are based on the scope of work, number of drawings, and quantity of meetings required to complete the project. Fees are different for each project, depending on a number of factors, but generally are 3% - 6% of the construction cost. Engineering fees (structural or mechanical) are additional. Our experience, knowledge, and attention to detail help us create construction drawings that eliminate second-guessing by the contractor and can lower the cost of construction.

As detailed in the Drawing Agreement, Pitzen Design will provide:

Preliminary Drawings

Various design options may be created using 2D and 3D drawings, allowing the client to visualize their project in multi-dimensional drawings and perspectives as necessary.  As part of the Preliminary Drawings, Pitzen Design will…

  • Create a Design Agenda featuring a list of design items and issues discussed with the homeowner and items to be addressed during the design process. The Design Agenda will be reviewed with the first set of preliminary drawings.
  • For remodeling projects, create as-built drawings based on field verification measurements, notes, site verification checklist, and photographs.
  • Use the as-built plans to show any demolition and the items to be removed.
  • Depict floor plans, elevations, 3D perspectives, sections, and various design options.

Conceptual Drawings

These are schematic design drawings with more details and dimensions that take into consideration the structural and mechanical issues. The documents feature construction notes, structural items, window and door sizes, etc.

Structural Engineering

Conceptual Plans are sent to a Structural Engineer to provide calculations as necessary for:

  • Rafter, ceiling joist, wall, and floor joist framing.
  • Headers, beams, columns, point loads, and foundations.
  • Code required wall bracing.

Construction Documents

Pitzen Design will provide a complete set of construction plans, which will contain various information for bidding, permit, and construction. This includes…

  • Floor plans, elevations, building sections, construction notes, dimensions, structural items, and window and door sizes. Millwork elevations will be provided, if requested.
  • Structural Engineering details and notes are added to the plans based on engineering specifications provided by the engineering consultant as needed.
  • Serving as your representative for approval from an architectural review board, subdivision, municipality, or county if required.
  • Trade contractor information and notes to the plans if provided.
  • Interior designer information and selections to the plans if provided.

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